River Huallaga: location, map, and everything you need to know

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The Huallaga River is part of the Amazon in its upper basin, as it empties into the Marañon River. Here is what you need to know about this river.

río huallaga

Huallaga River

It is considered to be one of the longest rivers in Peru. It is important to know where the Huallaga River originates and where it flows into the Marañon River, making it part of the upper basin of the Amazon River.

The Huallaga River is 1,138 kilometres long, with a hydrographic basin of 95,000 km2. It is located in the centre of Peru, crossing the regions of Pasco and Huánico.

The Huallaga River has its source in the Taulicocha Lagoon, in the upper part of the Cerro de Pasco, and is formed by the confluence of the Ticlayan, Pucurtuay and Pariamarca Rivers. It receives the waters of the river Huertas, which has a great flow.

río huallaga

It continues to the north and northeast, where it touches the departments of Cerro de Pasco and Huánuco. It is in the latter department that the River Huallaga reaches its widest point, in Huanuco.

Tributaries of the Huallaga

In its course, the Huallaga River, when it reaches the area of Ambo, receives the tributaries of the rivers:


  • Tingo.
  • Condoraga.
  • Chaupihuananga.
  • Coquín.
  • Quío.

Near the heights of Huanuco it receives the waters of the rivers:

  • Huancachupa.
  • Higueras.
  • Garbanza.
  • Chinobamba.
  • Acomayo.

It also receives water on its right side from streams and lagoons located southeast of the city of Huanuco.

Panoramic view of the Huallaga River

Populated centres in the Huallaga basin

Along the course and basin of the river Huallaga, in the width of the valleys, are located the populations considered as the most important in this region, such as

  • Ambo.
  • Huanuco.
  • Tingo María.
  • Aucayacu.
The Huallaga River Needs Us

Upstream from where the Huallaga joins the Monzon River, and then downstream after the confluence, it also joins the population centres on its right bank:

  • Las Orquídeas.
  • Afilador.
  • Portales de la Bella.
  • Brisas del Huallaga.
  • Centro Poblado de Afilador.
  • Las Lotizaciones de Villa Potokar.
  • Villa Piña.
  • Santa Fidelia.
  • The Costa Verde Housing Association.

río huallaga

Emergencies caused by the flooding of the Huallaga River

Due to a lack of planning when new settlements are built on the banks of the river. The inhabitants of some settlements on the banks of the Huallaga River in Huánuco have suffered greatly. Problems of settlements on the banks of rivers, including the Orinoco.

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For example, the villages of Brisas del Huallaga and Villa Potokar were affected by the flooding of the Huallaga River in 2006. This caused many economic losses, as well as the loss of crops and other material resources.

río huallaga

As a result, studies of the hydrography of the areas began to identify those most at risk of flooding in the areas surrounding the Huallaga River.

But now, in November 2017, alarm bells are still ringing as the river continues to rise due to heavy rainfall. Deep flooding continues, so much so that in the area known as San Martin, even the cemetery has been affected.

The rising waters of the Huallaga River in Peru have swept away a large number of graves in the cemetery of the town of Puerto Rico, in the province of Picota, which belongs to San Martin.

río huallaga

Location and map of the Huallaga River

The basin of the Huallaga River is located in the central part of Peru. It rises in the regions of Pasco and Huanuco and then joins the Maranon River.

In terms of location and origin, the Huallaga River belongs to Peru, where it joins the Marañón River at one point.

Union of the Rivers Marañón and Huallaga

Map of the river Huallaga

Next we will show a map of the river Huallaga, where its exact location, route, source, mouth and also the confluence with the river Marañón and thus to be able to know the origin of the river Huallaga.

Map and location of the river Huallaga

Pollution of the river Huallaga

For the months of April, May and June of this year, 2017, a high level of pollution has been detected in the waters of the Huallaga River, and the authorities responsible for solving the problems caused to the environment by pollution have raised the alarm.

When they entered the Chaglla hydroelectric plant, located in the area of the dam in the Huánuco region, they were able to verify the high level of contamination that is produced there.

río huallaga

The environmental engineers were astonished to find not only water in the reservoir, but also tonnes of waste generated by the people living in the area, all of it domestic.

And not just this waste, but also waste from the hospital area, from syringes, test tubes of blood and all sorts of material used in hospital centres.

As if that were not enough, a large number of animal remains have been found floating in the waters of the Huallaga River, including pigs, dogs and humans

Not to mention the sewage that is dumped directly into the waters of the Huallaga River in Peru. Another river with pollution and plans to clean it up is the Volga.

río huallaga

The measures to sanction those found dumping any type of waste that causes pollution in the Huallaga River is a somewhat complicated and difficult mission to carry out. The Nile is also polluted.


A song dedicated to the river Huallaga. The lyrics refer to the pollution of the river. How much environmental and human conscience is needed to realise the damage that the same man is doing to himself. Will there be anything left of the ecosystem for future generations?

Song of the Huallaga

It is worth taking this very interesting walk along the Huallaga River through this video, where you can clearly see the situation of the Huallaga River. This was for the year 2016. Thousands of projects are made, but as time goes by you can see that nothing has been done and the objectives have not been achieved. Worse, the problem is getting worse.

Únete a la campaña Salvemos al Río Huallaga
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