Rio Orange: location, map, and what you don’t know

Rivers are an important source of water for every region and culture, in every place they are valued for providing one of man’s most basic needs, the vital liquid called water, for drinking, cooking, washing, toileting and more. In this particular case, we will learn more about the Orange River and its importance.

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Where is the Orange River?

The Orange River is a very important river in the region where it is located. It is the second most important river in Africa after the Zambezi. It is as important to the South American region as the Amazon River.

It is the first river in order of importance for the country called Republic of Africa where it is located, but this river touches what is the border of this country and also the country called Lesotho. The course of this river then communicates with the border of the Free State province, which is part of those provinces that make up the Republic of South Africa, and then passes through the southern area that corresponds to South Africa. This river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Other rivers found on the African continent are the Niger, the Limpopo and the Nile. The location of these rivers can be seen on the map.

Where does it flow into?

Each of the existing rivers has an estuary, that is, a final place to which it must come in its journey, in this case we are going to talk a little about the place where the Orange River flows into, which, as you know, is in South Africa.

The Orange River rises in the highest mountains of South Africa, better known as the Drakensberg Mountains, and from there, touching some borders of different regions, which we have already mentioned above, it reaches the place of its mouth, which is in the Atlantic Ocean, which is the second largest ocean in the world and where one of the largest diamond mines, more specifically in Namibia, is located.

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General information about the Orange River

If you want to know more about this river, you should know that it is also known as the “Oranjerivier”, depending on the region where it is named, especially in the African region.

This is a river that is found in areas where the inflow of water is reduced and the temperatures are constantly high, but it is not a small river, it is 2090 kilometres long and the surface of the basin is 973000 square kilometres.

This river is a beauty in the midst of the arid terrain that surrounds it, measures have been taken to protect the environment, the preservation of this space is necessary because its contributions in terms of flora, fauna, vital liquid and pure natural resources are important and have been since ancient times when the colonisation arrived in this place, exploiting its resources, as mankind has done in countless regions.

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Nelson Mandela, a man known to all as a good leader among the nations of Africa, was a great propagator of the culture of environmental conservation, sharing and urging us not to damage what we have, but to give it more time, both for ourselves and for our future generations.

Your tourism

The Orange River is not a place that has remained hidden from nature lovers, some of its strategic points have been taken into account as a place for tourists to visit, allowing them to have a moment of enjoyment in boats with special tours, as well as the possibility of diving and sport fishing.

Wildlife in the Orange River

When we talk about fauna, we are referring to the animals that inhabit a particular region, but to be more specific, we are referring to the fauna of the Orange River.

In the season when the rains begin to fall on this river, it is possible to notice the presence of some natural animals of the African regions such as elephants, lions, giraffes, antelopes, buffalos and many more.

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These are all wild animals and, like all living things, they are always looking for a source of water to meet their needs and those of their young.

One of the Orange River’s fish is the yellow surgeonfish, which has been targeted for sport fishing as it waits for the moment to feed in the river’s currents.

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Research into the fish that live in the rivers of the African continent is still in its infancy, which is why their diversity is so great.

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