Rio Cabriel: map, source, and everything you need to know

It is the River Cabriel, considered the river with the cleanest water in Europe, specifically located in Spain, where sports and recreational activities are practised. Want a moment of relaxation? This is the place.

río cabriel

River Cabriel

The River Cabriel, located in the east of Spain, stands out as an important river, with the River Jucar as its main tributary. It is not navigable through its channel, as is the Garonne.

With a catchment area of around 4,754 km2, its length has been measured at 220 km and its average annual flow is 228.82 km2. The basin of the River Miño is larger.

The Enguindaos watercourses in the River Cabriel.

Map of the Cabriel River

río cabriel

The source of the river Cabriel

The source of the River Cabriel is in the valley of the same name, Valle Cabriel, in the Iberian mountain range in Spain.

The name of the region where it is located is Albarracín, in the province of Teruel.

The River Cabriel flows through the towns of

  • Salvacañete,
  • Alcalá de la Vega,
  • Boniches,
  • Campillos-Paravientos,
  • Pajaroncillo,
  • Villar del Humo,
  • Cardenete,
  • Víllora,
  • Enguídanos,
  • Mira and
  • Minglanilla

Source and waterfall of the River Cabriel (Aragon)

Once there, its course becomes the natural boundary between the provinces of Cuenca and Valencia, following its course until it reaches the Aldea de los Cárceles.

From here it becomes the border between the provinces of Albacete and Valencia. It enters the province of Valencia on both sides, in the town of Casas del Río, and from there it joins the Júcar, in the town of Corentes.

río cabriel

Activities of the river Cabriel

It is said that in the past its waters were used to transport the pine logs cut upstream.

In its waters there is a reservoir called the Contreras reservoir. There are also two smaller reservoirs. The last one is located in one of its tributaries, the Guadazaón.

It is its waters that are used to irrigate a number of extensions of small orchards that are distributed in:

  • Salvacañete,
  • Alcalá de la Vega,
  • Campillos Paravientos and
  • Boniches

Another of the economic activities of the exploitation of the waters of the Cabriel is the construction of some dams such as Villora, Batanejo and the Contreras reservoir, which are used as hydroelectric benefit, generating 220 MW of electricity for the area.

río cabriel

Today, the waters of the River Cabriel are used for a wide range of recreational activities, such as canoeing in rough waters. As well as the waters of the river Júcar with great speed.

All this takes advantage of the turbulence and currents that form in the river in some special places downstream. Where they are now enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

río cabriel

It should be noted that the River Cabriel, due to the low population in the vicinity, nor the high impact economic activities in its basins, has been catalogued as the river with the cleanest waters in Europe, which is something to boast, given the levels of water pollution that circulate around the planet. The Duero has a high level of navigational traffic.

Rafting Cabriel River Cuenca

Given the conditions of relief of the area where the Cabriel is located, it has been used in its extension for the practice of rafting, canoeing.

This is when a group of people get together and board a boat without an engine to go down the wild waters of the Cabriel. This takes place mainly between June and August.

río cabriel

This is due to the fact that the water dammed up in the Contreras reservoir is released, making it one of the most enjoyable activities for those who like this type of sport.

In addition, the most beautiful spots and landscapes are to be found along the entire route of the Cabriel basin, for the enjoyment of both body and soul of those who can stop there.

Shall we go rafting?


Let’s continue with more fun on the Cabriel River, we’re going to make a kayak descent on the Cabriel River very exciting. Also called rafting. Be careful, it’s dangerous if you don’t know the techniques. Have fun!

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