Chubut River: location, map, and all you need to know

The Chubut River is considered the longest river in Patagonia. Its name means tortuous or winding in the Araucanian language. And that is how it is characterised. Let’s learn more about it.

río chubut
 Chubut River

Location of the Chubut River

The Chubut River rises in the province of Río Negro.

It is located near the hill called Las Carreras, in the eastern foothills of the great mountain range called Los Andes (see Limay River).

Its course takes it to the south, where it enters the town of Chubut.

From there it crosses the province from the west. To make the delivery of its waters in a bay whose name is Engaño. This is located near the capital of Chubut, Rawson.

río chubut

Dimensions of the Chubut River

The length of the Chubut River is 810 km. It has a basin that covers an area of 53,801 km2.

Its source is 900 metres above sea level. In the hill called Las Carreras. With an average flow determined by approximately 51 m3/sec.

It makes its route in the localities with the name of Chubut and that of Rio Negro. In Argentina. And finishing its route to deliver its waters in the denominated Bay of the Deception.

río chubut

Map of the Chubut River

río chubut

Features of the Chubut River

The Chubut River is considered to be the largest river in Patagonia. It joins the provinces of Río Negro and Chubut (see Río Lobos).

It has a very pronounced pluviometric gradient in its headwaters.

It is worth mentioning that in only 40 linear kilometres the annual rainfall goes from 1200 mm to 200 mm (see Paiva River).

Another peculiarity is the lack of lakes in the area where its headwaters are located.

río chubut

This makes it more sensitive to rainfall. Irregular in shape, with significant thermal variations.

With low water levels, which are even more pronounced in the dry season, i.e. summer. This means that the Chubut River has 4.5 times more water in November than in February.

The banks of the Chubut River

In spite of all the vicissitudes that the Chubut River has to endure, it is possible to compensate for them with the wonderful abundance of vegetation on its banks. With the obvious contribution of nourishment in the sections with clear water (see Cabriel River).

All in all, we can say that the Chubut is generally considered one of the typical steppe rivers. With a flow considered as one of those that are temperate and tend to form branches and islands.

río chubut

Fishing in the Rio Chubut

The fast waters and pockets of water that can be found in the upper part of the Chubut River. They are ideal for fishing with nymphs or wet fishing in the so-called mountain style.

In other words, upstream and with short casts. With high performance models such as the Pheasant Tail Sawyer shown in the video. The ideal numbering is between N-8 and N-14.

Experts recommend the addition of bead heads or shiners to increase performance.

Sawyer Pheasant Tail

Fishing tips for the Chubut River

Chubut, where the Maiten River flows into the Gualjaina River, is an ideal place to develop a wide variety of fishing techniques. The best ones are dry and nymph.

For those who are keen on this sport, we recommend the use of a nº 3 or 4 tackle of the smoothest action. In addition, with chances to turn to the implements that are ultralight.

With the aim of catching the most sought after fish in Chubut. The rainbow trout or the brown trout with a weight of more than 1,5 kg.

río chubut

It is advisable to imitate their main food. These are the so-called pancoras. These are freshwater crabs or other crustaceans.

They use materials such as woolly worms with rubber feet. They are ideal for real fishing.

Good places to fish in the Chubut River

The entire length of the Chubut River is ideal for fishing with native fish. For perch we recommend the use of soft, shiny material.

Especially in areas where the pools are calm and the bottom can be observed perfectly.

Fish weighing up to 1.5 kg can be caught, and they make for interesting opponents when fished with ultralight tackle.

It is worth mentioning that the best fishing in Chubut is with dry flies and floating nymphs called “pez visto” (seen fish).

The ideal place for this is the town of Fofo Cahuel, where the banks of the Chabut River have been compared to the most sought-after rivers in Patagonia.

For those who love fishing, here is a video that will allow you to enjoy fishing in the Chubut. And for those who don’t, learn. Enjoy it!


Of course, we can’t miss a nice trip along the Chubut River.

Where we can enjoy the beautiful landscapes. The peace and tranquillity, the canoeing.

And the magical contact with nature in this beautiful place that the river gives us. Enjoy it!

Crossing the Chubut River

The double flooding of the Chubut River

A peculiar curiosity of this river is the one related to the contributions provided by the streams fed by the rains that occur in winter.

As well as by the melting of the snow that takes place in the spring. This river is always very sufficient. However, its flow is irregular.

río chubut

This is how it presents in its climate floods that are called double in a period.

The first is during the winter rains, from June to August.

And the second is registered when the Andean thaw begins, which occurs in the months of October and November.

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