Carcarañá River: characteristics, location and everything you don’t know about it

Located in the province of Córdoba in Argentina, the Carcarañá River flows into the Paraná River. It is considered an important source of hydroelectric power. Let’s find out more.

río carcañá

Location of the Carcaraña River

The Carcaraña River is located in the south-eastern centre of the province of Córdoba in Argentina.

Its basin becomes narrower when it goes to where its waters flow and continues to cross the south of the province whose name is Santa Fe. From there it continues towards the Paraná River, where it delivers its waters.

río carcañá

Characteristics of the River Carcarañá

Its source is the confluence of the Tercero and Saladillo Rivers. These rivers originate in the sierras known as the Comechingones.

It has a length of 240 km. Which are navigable by ships called of medium draught. Its basin covers an area of 48.000 Km2.

It makes most of its journey through a locality called Pampa Ondulada. This means that its banks are favourable for ravines with heights of up to 20 metres.

A large part of the bed of the Carcarañá River is made up of rough gravel, which allows small waterfalls to form in certain places. These become more visible as the depth of the river decreases (see Vichada River).

This makes it easier for boats to navigate around them.

río carcañá

The potential of the waters of the Carcarañá River

The hydroelectric potential of the Carcarañá River has been exploited.

This was done by building dams in the town of Lucio V. López. This was done in the thirties, in 1930 to be precise.

Another work related to the construction of a dam for the generation of electricity is located near the town of Carcarañá (see Orinoco River).

It is used by the so-called Juan Semino mill.

río carcarañá

In the town that bears his name, he crosses the bridge over which the train passes and arrives at the famous Palandri pool.

This pool was built by Elio Danibale so that he could enjoy the sunsets on the Carcarañá River, which he loved.

See the map

río carcarañá

The Carcaraña River today

At present, on the banks of the Carcarañá River are the populated towns of Córdoba, which are

  • Inriville
  • Los Surgentes
  • Cruz Alta

And also on the part of Santa Fe are those of

  • Arteaga
  • San José de la Esquina
  • Los Nogales
  • Arequito
  • Los Molinos
  • Casilda
  • Caracaraña
  • Correa
  • Pueblo Andino
  • Oliveros
  • Timbués and
  • Puerto Gaboto

río carcarañá

Fishing in the River Carcaraña

This river has given rise to fishermen who have become famous for their achievements in this sport. Among them we can mention

  • Ricardo García alias Pescadito
  • Corcuera
  • The great Basilio Duch
  • Viyola

We should also mention a famous fisherman by the name of Sergio Adrián Benito.

He is very well known for his long career and his very special sporting technique, which he carries out using bait and other tools such as artificial baits.

Sport Fishing Project

Another factor for which he has been recognised is the fact that he has carried out a fishing project which has been described as sustainable and which has been presented to the following bodies

  • Chamber of Senators of the Nation

This project was unanimously approved. And it received the support and encouragement of government bodies such as

  • Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  • Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Nation.

The development of this activity will be established as a legal norm and the promotion of several productive projects in the rest of the country will be carried out.

río carcarañá

One of the most popular types of fishing is sport fishing, also known as recreational fishing. The most famous fish is the dorado.

One of the attractions that have been implemented is the National Park whose name is Islas de Santa Fe, located in the waters of the Paraná River.

The floods of the Carcarañá

It is impossible not to notice how the waters of the Carcarañá, pregnant with rainfall, expand their course in an enormous way that is to be feared from one bank to the other.

Flooding of the Carcarañá River


And so the Carcañá Fishermen’s Association was flooded. A large flood of the river caused the usual damage in such cases.


An event that occurred in mid-November 2017 caught the attention of the locals who live on the banks of the Carcaraña River.

A large number of dead fish began to appear floating on the waters of the river.

There are several hypotheses, but it will be the samples taken from the water that will tell us what really happened. Let’s hope the truth comes out.

Song of the Carcarañá River

Here is a beautiful song, interpreted by Jorge Cafrune, called Satafesino de veras.

It is dedicated to the river Carcarañá. Very nice landscapes and very nice music. Enjoy it!

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